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Scent of Provence’s superior boutique-style soaps are all of proven quality and in high-demand.

From Pré de Provence, vintage Le Blanc soaps resting in old-world tins, and rows of traditional Rampal Latour soaps, to Bougie La Française scented candles, Philippa Clarke’s rustic soap storehouse is a sensory paradise.

Finding something special to suit individual tastes (be it quirky, classic, modest or opulent) is quick and easy – simply use our Product List(s) and we will guide you in the right direction.


Pré de Provence

Created from only the finest of natural ingredients, Pré de Provence products are meticulously fashioned in Provence by French artisans following traditions established generations ago.

The extensive range of Pré de Provence holds appeal to all aspects of the market. From guest soaps to deluxe body butters, Pré de Provence offers a wide selection of quality French toiletries. Pré de Provence believe that experiencing natural beauty should be an everyday affordable luxury.


Rampal Latour

Heir to a savoir-faire handed down over 5 generations. Master Soap Manufacturers of soap since 1828, the Rampal Latour factory continues to produce soap for the body and home in keeping with traditional methods. “The Classics”, “The Refined”, “The Bio-Organic”, “Marseille Soaps Extra Pur”, “Les Essentials” for the home are all part of the traditional range Rampal Latour offers.


Le Blanc

Le Blanc products are made in various regions in France, and are crafted in a French Provencial style. Soaps are made in Cavaillon (South France), perfumes in Grasse (Côtee d’Azur) and Lavender is grown in Drôme (Provence). The Le Blanc range includes: hand embroidered Lavender Cotton Sachets, Sachet Parfumé, Tin soap boxes, Reed diffusers, Eau de Parfum and Room Sprays.

Savonnerie de Bormes Linen Water

1000ml Traditional French Linen Water.


Bougies la Française

Since 1902 the history of Bougies la Française has been intertwined with the history of families passionate about light and interior décor. Together with Devineau, a family owned business since 1803, the group was able to combine traditional and modern methods, enabling them to become a key company in the world of candles and household fragrances.


Claus Porto

Proud of its origins, Claus Porto sets itself apart, thanks to its experience of over 120 years and also thanks to the romantic vision that is inherent to every single one of its extraordinary products – unique in the world and also considered as true objects of art and design.

The soaps seduce with their textures and aromas, developed by perfumists exclusively for Claus Porto into a range of collections that invite you to a unique and glamorous experience.


La Chatelaine

Brought to you from the South of France, La Chatelaine’s luxurious line of products are defined by a sense of modern elegance with a dash of whimsy.

Using time-honoured craftsmanship, ethically-sourced natural and organic ingredients, and an array of evocative scents, La Chatelaine’s emollient-rich hand creams protect and nourish.